Sunday 14 May 2023

Magical Book Nook - Deb Stephens - Mood Board Inspiration

Hello all you Dusty Attic Fans and Welcome to my May Moodboard Project, a Magical Book Nook!

This project started with a Blank Dusty Attic Book Nook #1 (DA3354), some resin Trees , an empty Pringals can, and DA3464 Wood Panel Stencil, DA3461 Magical Stencil and DA1760 Leaves #3 Stencil. I used the Stencils on the inside and outside walls of the Book Nook to add texture. I also added paste through the wood panel stencil onto the can and let it dry. I dampened the DA3487 Fairy Doors #2 Sml with water and curved it around the can until it curved without splitting and adhered it into place.

This is the inside of one of the walls after the stenciling had dried and I had applied paints and waxes. I LOVE this new wood panel stencil.

The tree was finished with DA0562 Mini Fairies. sections were cut out and battery operated lights were fed into the tree to make an illuminated backdrop.

DA3471 Magic Mushrooms Mixed were painted and finished in glossy accents to give more dimension. These are also some of my new favourite Dusty Attic chippy's.

DA0829 - Mini Cobblestones were sprayed with colour and added for a pathway along with DA 3469 – Mini Gems and Crystals. I also added a layer of glow in the dark paste to the crystals and sprayed with some glitter so they would glow once the light were out. Glitter crystal filler stones were used on either side of the pathway and fake moss was added as well.

On the inside of the roof after it was painted, more glow in the dark paste was stenciled through the Magical stencil. it was very difficult to take a clear photo of the paste as it glowed, but I thought I would add it here anyway, even though its not a good photo.

The outside long walls were textured through the stencils, DA0873 Corner Flourish #4 was added, then painted and waxed.

Here are some more close up photos of the inside. I have used the lights and wrapped them around various parts of the Book Nook to create more light and highlight those mushrooms and crystals.

I hope you get inspired by the Mood board and by this project, to make one of your own Book Nooks.

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