Sunday, 4 July 2021

Life is about creating Yourself - Pascale B - Mood Board Inspiration

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Dusty Attic blog with a new mixed media canvas inspired by the color combo of July. 

Here is the amazing July color combo from Prussian blue to green avocado.

I primed the canvas with white gesso. Next, I added a design with a stencil and plaster paste. 

While the background was drying, I primed the chipboards with white gesso too. I primed some bird skulls with black gesso. Next, I glued all the elements with 3D matte gel. 

When done, I colored the different chipboards with different paints and colors: the Feathers with the Prussian Blue Liquid Acrylic, the Foliage #3 and the Tropical Foliage #7 with the Avocado Liquid Acrylic, the Feathers by Nuneka with the blue turquoise acrylic paint, the Decorative Frame #2 with a blue turquoise acrylic paint and the Linen Impasto.

I recovered the bird skulls with silver metallic flakes. To lessen the shine of the metallic flakes a little, I used the Charcoal matte wax. I waxed also the foliage chipboards with white gold and the rest with white pearl.

To finish, I added some glitters.

Matériels / Materials:


Tropical Foliage #7

Decorative Frame #2

Foliage #3

Feather by Nuneka


Other products:
  • Flowers - 49 and Market (Majestic Bouquet: Ivory);
  • Stencil - A.B. Studio (Stencil ID-29);
  • Mould - Finnabair Prima (Wings and Bones);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Metal Flakes: Silver; Pebbles);
  • Acrylic Paint - Amsterdam (Bleu Turquoise);
  • Impasto Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Linen);
  • Liquid Acrylic Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Prussian Blue, Advocado);
  • Waxes Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (White Gold, White Pearl, Charcoal);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Plaster Paste, Gilding Glue);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Clear Gesso, WhiteHeavy Gesso, BlackHeavy Gesso, 3D Matte Gel).

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