Sunday 22 February 2015

Tranquility - Heather Jacob

Hello everyone, today is my turn at the Dusty Attic blog 
how utterly brilliant are these word chippies 
and to me 
 represents me in my garden 
In my garden I am in touch with nature and my soul
 I feel connected with the beauty which surrounds me .
I seek it out , see the detail , the simplicity , I sense the power .
I sense what I cant see and I sense what I cant feel .
Nature truly lights up dark corners in my world .
Mother nature is pure magic.

 My trade mark - creating  layers of elements reminding me of mother nature.
if we look deeply we can see detail after detail .
I do find nature inspires me and helps me create my layouts .

 the chippies are treated with inks and paints .
I just keep layering until I am happy with the result .

Dusty Attic material used 
Word Pack #5 :DA 1171
Branch #4 Small : DA 1184
Mini Bird Cage #2 :DA 1189
Elegant Swirl #13 :DA 1133
Marrakesh small :DA 0821
Dusty in Color - Mountain Meadow :DA 0916
Dusty in Colour Clear Crackle Varnish : DA 0900 
bye for now and have fun with the chippies .
they are available to purchase straight from the website .

happy scrapping and warm hugz until next time we meet xoxox


  1. Oh wow wow WOW, this is beyond gorgeous Heather!! The title is perfect, it's the exact feeling of the page!! Stunning piece of work xx

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS layout Heather! Love the colour and your garden too...:-)