Sunday 7 May 2023

Established 1866 - Anat Weksler - Mood Board Inspiration

 Hello friends!

It's Anat here, this month I want to start with my Moodboard inspired project, just because I love this Moodboard to the bits.

Seeing the Moodboard I kind of 
visualized exactly the project I came out with, I'm so happy with it!

To color the gorgeous chipboards I have made the right tons mixing different impasto paints and Rust pastes, After drying I rubbed them with  Metalic waxes to enhance the details and highlight.

These are the pieces I have used in my project:

Foliage #23

Foliage #24

Houses by nuneka

Poppy heads

Poppy heads-small

Flutterbies #3

Thanks for stopping by!


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