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Maritime 20th Anniversary card and June Mood Board Winners

Welcome to the announcement of the June Mood Board winners who have both won a $50 (AUD) credit to the Dusty Attic Website

Karen Brierley


Nicole Lacoste

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Have you seen the July Mood Board ?

It is very easy to enter, just add your take of the challenge into the comments section on the Dusty FANattics Facebook page comments section.

and now for today's Design Team blog post by 


 Hi there!

Today I'm going to show you a maritime-themed project. The card is commissioned for a couple who really like the sea, on the occasion of their 20th Wedding Anniversary. I received guidelines as to the colors and themes, the rest is my creativity. I was very happy for this order, due to the fact that it perfectly matched the challenge on the Cudna Paczka group, in addition I decided to use the map no. 18/52. It was also an interesting journey through memories and I was finally able to use the collected cardboards from Dusty Attic on a nautical theme.

So far, I have done 5 projects on this theme, in 2018-2019. It is interesting that when I handed over each of these cards to the customer - each time I was satisfied with the end result. Now, however, I can clearly see the progress of my workshop on this example and I know that I would not give at least three of them in such a state today. I encourage you to do such a summary - it is a fantastic way to realise yourself how big progress you have made - no one stay in the same point for 4 years, right? I am curious what I will think about this card in 4 years!.. So, let's start!

This time, Craft Sensation papers from the Marble collection are used here. I put 6 layers of paper and each of these layers is sewn on the machine - you don't even know how much time it took! The edges are ragged and stained with vintage Stamperia paste. The individual layers are glued over a distance and create a fantastic 3D effect. Before arranging the composition, I applied a pattern from the Scales Stencil (DA1759) by Dusty Attic. I tinted it with a haze in a shade of emerald green, and then sprinkled fine sand on the glue.

Next, the individual elements that made up the composition followed: green gauze sticks out in several places, cardboard circles in two sizes (available in the store in the set) - I also painted them in the same shade and I highlighted the edges with silver wax. I glued a beige string around the rim and decorated it with 3D droplets from Nuvo in the shade of gloss-olive branch - I wanted to create an imitation of a porthole and I hope that it reminds you at least a little. On the left and at the bottom, I placed seaweed (photos and links can be found at the end of the post), which also got a turquoise green color with whitewashed edges and are covered with sand.

I made the flowers myself from the same sheet of paper so that they fit beautifully together, I sprinkled them with turquoise particles. From the edge I glued a white string, a ribbon of dyed gauze, and naturally I had to add a vintage ribbon - now that I have them in stock in all possible colors - it will be hard to create the project without this accessory. Below the flowers, I placed a miniature metal anchor and a rudder, stained with acrylic paint. I placed shells above the flowers, which I also sprinkled with sand. In many places you can also see white mini pebbles in various sizes, covering the gaps and completing the whole design.

Between the mentioned portholes I put a piece of a fishing net, on which I do not know what two seagulls are doing - seriously ... only after I glued them I asked myself what these birds mean in the underwater environment... And I have no answer - my imagination played a trick on me and finally I decided to left the seagulls there. In the lower right corner I added the words Congratulations and the number 20. Last but not least are two gorgeous octopus cut from corrugated cardboard, lightened with white acrylic paint. Their eyes are cabochons and they hold cute hearts in their tentacles. At the end, the card was splashed with white dots.

How do you like my design on the maritime theme? I'm quite satisfied, the client showed me 200% of her satisfaction, so I can only hope that the recipients will also find joy in the gift they receive. See you soon!

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