Wednesday 29 May 2019

Grunge Time - Kerstin Filou

Welcome everyone!

I was inspired to create a new canvas in grunge style.

Grunge is actually a style of rock music from the nineties. The motto of the trend "come as you are" shows that everything is allowed as long as it is authentic. 
That's exactly what I love about it, it doesn't have to
be perfect, but it has to be real, you tell a story, you think yourself in and choose the right single parts.  Here are many wonderful steampunk and industrial chipboards, which are best suited to create a
mixed media collage to your liking and mood.

 some details

The famous photo motives were on a wallpaper, where I got some leftovers from a friend. I used two of them and framed them with the dusty attic
 To make it look old, dirty and rusty, I experimented with some acrylic paints and deco sand.

was only coloured with silber and black acrylic paint,
 I also added a round metallic embellishment and
 a blue bling sticker with wood in the centre.

 with acrylic colours 'Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide', 'Burnt Umber' and 'Carbon Black'
light brown deco sand was sprinkled into the still wet colour

used chipboards:

I hope that I was able to
inspire you! 
Go to your project with fun and joy and add something unique
 that you like and never be afraid to try something new!

Happy crafting!
Kerstin xx

Kerstin Filou

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