Tuesday 12 December 2017

Pick Flowers - Sanderijn De Bruin

Hi everybody,

The last project of my design team membership has come. It is with great sadness that I have to leave this amazing design team...But new adventures have come my way, and I just need more time to follow them...

Jennifer Hedger, your warmth and believe in me are still making me humble, and I will treasure the gratefulness of being part of your amazing team. Thank you for everything.

I have created a layout to give you all some sweet and tender advise...Pick flowers, not fights, and stay wild and free. Forever.

Dusty Attic is the only chipboard company that really fits my style. High quality and such a great assortiment. The best chipboard brand for me! Definitely!

I have a step by step photo tutorial for you, how I created this layout.

Step 1. Brush a thin layer of clear gesso over the paper and let dry.

Step 2. Use heavy white gesso to add the pattern from the stencil.

Step 3. When the first layer is dry, add a second layer with Dusty in Colour acrylic paints and the snowflake patterned stencil.

Step 4. Stamp a grungy clear stamp pattern on the paper, using the same green paint.

Step 5. Paint all pieces of chipboard.

Step 6 + 7. Glue down the chipboard and some lace with 3d matte gel.

Step 8. Add your photo and flowers, die cuts, tags, etcera.

Step 9. Cover your photo and splatter some fluid acrylic white ink on the paper.
Add a little sparkle with sequins and loose glitter.

Dusty Attic products used:

With great pride, I will say goodbye...

With love, Sanderijn

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