Wednesday 24 July 2013

Vintage Notebook and Card (with a mini tutorial) - By Olga

1. Take a peace of chipboard and circle glitter

 2. Also you need clear glass varnish

 3. Cover a chipboard with clear glass varnish and NOT dry

 4. Untill glue has not dried sprinkle with glitter

 5. Shake off a glitter that not glued and put chipboard to dry

I used
Corner Flourish #5
Dusty In Bloom Smokey Blue
Clear glass varnish

Vintage notebook from scratch

I used
Corner Flourish #5
Dusty Roses Chocolate #730
Dusty Roses Latte Cream


  1. Such stunning creations, as always! Amazing!:)

  2. Красивая открытка - нежная , нарядная , торжественная !
    Очень нравится этот стиль в творчестве Оли !