Wednesday 17 August 2022

20th Wedding Anniversary Card - Ankarika Craft

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Today I want to show you a card that I made on the occasion of the 20th wedding anniversary for a couple living in Poland. I like orders that travel around the world - it's so fascinating... So far my art works are located in: Ireland, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Norway, France and of course the vast majority in England - where I have my craft studio. How does it look like with you? Do you sell your projects locally or on a larger scale?

I was asked to make a musical card, with an emphasis on the presence of a guitar - unfortunately I didn't have a fantastic guitar from Dusty Attic, but fortunately I found a die in the depths of a drawer. To make this card, I used paper from Margaret, which - as you look at - on the right side of the page - also has a guitar. I figured such a repetition would look nice. The edges of the paper are torn and sewn on the machine. The background is secured with a clear gesso with a Gradient stencil in white - you can see the pattern sticking out from under the music notes in several places.

The notes are secured with white gesso and then I sprayed them with a mist in a shade of bottle green. They are stuck to paper plates sewed on the machine and glued over a distance. The aforementioned guitar is cut three times with a die, the individual layers are glued together for stiffening. I embossed the honeycomb pattern on the guitar with an embossing folder and finally highlighted it with silver wax. I put "xoxoxo" and "Endless Love" on the guitar.

I made the flowers from Craft Sensation paper and they perfectly match the frames I cut from the same sheet. The flower centers are small color-matched beads. The floral composition, as usual, is enriched with jagged gauze, green sisal, small pebbles and slightly larger polystyrene balls. This time I opted for three different types of leaves. You can see the paper leaves made by me using the mask from Dusty Attic. Next to it, I put cardboard leaves from set #2 - protected with white gesso, and I gave the color with sage wax. At the bottom there are also leaves from the die.

Piece of film is sticking out next to the guitar, the flowers are complemented by a fantastic bottle green bow from the Old Fashion Ribbons ribbon - I shyly remind you that you can buy these ribbons from me in England. Next to the ribbon, I placed a delicate white string. In several places on the sheet you will find small pearls and the number 20 in the upper left corner.

The center of the card is also decorated, but this is a private part for the couple - only for them to view. Another order is completed - it's a joy for me. I cordially greet you and encourage you to shop - because recently brilliant industrial shapes have appeared in the Dusty Attic store - I am waiting impatiently for them!

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Thank you for visiting me and we'll see you soon on the topic of music, again! ;)

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