Sunday 19 December 2021

Happy Holidays - Kerstin Filou


Welcome creative friends!


 In these times we miss some of the things that made the time before Christmas special, 

we always like to go to nostalgic Christmas markets,

 love the many lights on the streets, the specially decorated trees and stands, 

 smell of gingerbread, roasted almonds and cookies. 




In memory of better times I created this shadow frame in vintage style. 

Used the motif of a Christmas card and two memory photos from a Christmas market

 in Salzburg (Austria) to design a small magical store. 

The Christmas trees and the lantern fit perfectly to the scene 

and the winter corner framed the whole thing wonderfully. 

Hanging sign post was extended a bit with the help of leftovers

 and extended with a best wishes label.


some close up's





used Dusty Attic chipboards


Christmas Tree #2

 Hanging Sign w/post

Winter Corner

Christmas Labels – black

Christmas Lanterns Small 


Best wishes from Kerstin



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