Saturday, 9 January 2021

Fresh Snow - Kerstin Filou

 Welcome in the new creative year!

 Today the first fresh snow has fallen this winter, the landscape is transformed into a winter wonderland, simply fabulous and the right inspiration for a new book in Altered Art.







How you can create a book in Altered Art


Basic materials

Dusty Attic chipboards;

Stamperia Paper 'Wintertales';

old book



1 separate the text with the help of a ruler and sharp cutter 

Tip: especially with older books where the paper is already very brittle, it does not have to be a straight cut, you can also simply tear them out by hand, this gives a wonderful old weathered look

2 choose a paper of your choice and stick it on the first and last page of your book


3 prime the chipboards with white acrylic paint and 

sprinkle deco snow into the paint while it is still wet 

Tip:  there are various types available commercially


4  now you can stick on your two book pages, paint them, decorate them with cutting dies,

 sayings or whatever other decoration you can think of

 Tip: for a 3D effect you can glue the chipboards and cut-out paper motifs between

 the single paper sheets too

5  I have also made a standing surface out of cardboard,  book stands better and you can complement the theme with a landscape

I cut out a matching semicircle and transformed it into a winter landscape with white gesso and Deco snow 


Some close up's


 used Dusty Attic chipboards



 Birds a field

Snowflakes #1 Small

Grass Clusters #2



 Woodlands small

 I hope I could inspire you to try something completely different
 with the awesome chippies from Dusty Attic!

Happy crafting!!



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